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Incognito 2

De Bluespark

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Incognito removes Flash cookies, normal cookies, web history and much much more, so you do not leave a trace of where you have been in the internet.

User Review from "Antony" ***** 5 stars
"This makes your browsing completely PRIVATE!! No Cookies, No History, No Bookmarks, No Flash Cookies, No Tracks at all. You can get on and off the web without a trace of any info left anywhere!! Truly a great app!"

And from "Zonies" **** 4 stars
"Simple and effective - protects my privacy. It's nice to have a browser that I don't have to operate in "private mode" or try to remember to clean caches etc. With this browser I feel protected. Thanks."

It stops the following from occurring
• Browsing history is not saved
• Sites are not kept in your browser cache
• Both normal cookies and pesky Flash Cookies are deleted after each session.
• AutoFill information is not kept

But Incognito does more than this to help aid you privacy
• Cookies are never saved to your hard drive
• You can block images (gif, jpg, png)
• Block Adobe Flash files (swf)
• Block Javascript files
• Flash Shared Objects, also know as Flash Cookies*
• HTML5 Databases*
* Both Flash Cookies and HTML5 databases create a folder named after each website you visit. This makes it very easy to see what sites you have been browsing.

Incognito will prevent HTML5 databases from being created and will remove Flash Cookies (both old and new) from only the sites you have visited during your Incognito session.

When you exit the Incognito you will be asked if you want to delete these Flash cookies if any Flash cookies were found.

To turn on/off images, flash, javascript, use the "Tools" menu. A tick beside any item will mean that this item will be downloaded.

To change how Incognito handles Flash Cookies click the "Options" menu. To quickly select the address bar use the keyboard shortcut, command+L

User Review Update
"UPDATE: I had to come back after using this app for a couple of weeks. It rocks! It's SO NICE not to have to clear histories, uncheck boxes or anything. I never realised how many things you have to remember to do on your own to protect your privacy and this app does it all. When you close the app - that's all you have to do because nothing was captured to begin with."

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Incognito 2
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  • USD 3.99
  • Categoria: Utilidades
  • Lançado:
  • Versão: 1
  • Tamanho: 0.4 MB
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Vendedor:
Você deve ter no mínimo 17 anos para baixar este aplicativo.
  • Referências frequentes/intensas a álcool, tabaco ou uso de drogas
  • Simulação de jogos de azar frequente/intensa
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  • Conteúdo sexual e nudez frequente/intenso
  • Violência realista frequente/intensa
  • Violência frequente/intensa em desenhos animados e fantasia

Compatibilidade: OS X 10.6 ou superior

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