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MarkMyWords is a comprehensive markup-writing tool for everyone who writes markup-formatted articles. Regardless if you are using Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Textile, Wikitext, HTML or BBCode to format your articles, MarkMyWords makes writing articles for the web a breeze and remains platform-independent by using plain text documents.

Some highlights of the MarkMyWords feature-set:
- support of a variety of markup-languages
- live-preview of the formatted content and the option to add your own CSS-stylesheets for output-preview
- use of text-templates and markers for quick text navigation
- a flexible distraction-free-writing-modus
- highlighting of markup-code
- quick saving with predefined save-folders
- add, edit and remove One-Click-Styles using the One-Click-Style-Editor for easy formatting of articles and tab-key triggered commands for inserting snippets of text quickly
- headline navigation-popup
- comprehensive collection of shortcuts for text-manipulation
- support for Critics Markup (shortcuts, display-options, batch-replacement)
- vast amount of preference-options to configure MarkMyWords to your personal style
- plugin-system based on Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby
- bundle-system based on Objective-C/Cocoa

MarkMyWords supports the markup-languages BBCode, Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Smark, Textile and Wikitext and offers a live-preview of the formatted output as it would be displayed on webpages. Of course you can use plain HTML to format your text, too.

By using Templates and Markers MarkMyWords gives writers flexible possibilities on hand to structurize and format articles in an elegant manner and remain focused on the content.
Authors can create templates of often used text-structures to simplify and fasten the creation of new articles.

The feature-set of MarkMyWords can be enhanced by adding plugins and bundles. Use of one of the widely popular script-languages Perl, PHP, Python or Ruby to create your individual plugins to meet your special needs, easily. Or create bundles using Objective-c/Cocoa.

Download bundle- and plugin-examples from the MarkMyWords-Plugin-Website over at and get the developer-documentation to start to create your own bundles/plugins today!

Full featured distraction-free-modus with a vast amount of options to make your workspace as comfortable as possible. Set background-color or -image and background-opacity, font-color, -size and -style, writing-area-color and size, optional "always in the middle writing"-feature and more. And best thing is, you can do most of these adjustments while right being in the distraction-free-mode by hitting CMD + ;

Additionally MarkMyWords offers a lot of preferences to adjust the look and feel of the standard-editor to give writers a comfortable environment for their writing tasks.

Novidades da versão 1.9.0

- new Wikitext-parser implemented with following enhancements
- New parser features and changes
- better link-generation
- better list-generation with deep-level lists
- better table-generation
- style recognition
- caption recognition
- tablehead (! !!) recognition
- definition-lists-generation (;term : definition)
- auto paragraph-generation
- updated in conjunction with the new Wikitext-parser
- One-Click-Styles
- Syntax-Highlighting
- automarkup-conversion for file-import

- new Smark2-parser implemented
- Visit for full details on Smark2
- updated in conjunction with the new Smark-parser
- One-Click-Styles
- Syntax-Highlighting
- automarkup-conversion for file-import
- Cheat-Sheet
- Templates

- new Set of CSS-Styles - below a description how to update
- reset one-click-styles button added to One-Click-Style-Editor
- Textile Syntax-Highlighting updated
- new splash-screen-layout
- MultiMarkdown and Textile Table-Creation Smart-Editing
- when in a table-line, hitting the tab-key automatically creates a new |-symbol
- when in a table-line, hitting the enter-key the next line automatically starts with a |-symbol- MultiMarkdown only: automatic generation of tablehead-line when hitting enter-key after first table-line
- unindenting list-items using the delete-key
- Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Smark tabbed indention for ordered Lists
- Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Smark automatic list-creation for ordered, indented lists

**Reset CSS-files, One-Click-Styles and Syntax-Coloring-Styles for new Smark- and Wikitext-versions:**
- One-Clicks-Styles
- Open the One-Click-Style-Editor, select the Markup-language and click the "Reset Styles"-Button
- Syntax-Coloring
- Open preferences and go to Markups. Click the "Reset all styles"-Button. If you have open documents, please reopen those so the changes can take effect
- CSS-files
- existing users need to download the CSS-Pack from the downloads-page of MarkMyWords at and add those within the preferences > Webpreview of MarkMyWords

- when adding an image with spaces in filename to text, percent escapes will be added
- improved drag'n drop behavior when dragging images from websites to MarkMyWords
- several improvements for importing files with autoconversion on
- word-counter reacts better to pasted text
- Textile-specific: preventing creation of lower-alpha autolists since lower-case alpha-symbols (p. and bq. for example) are used to mark blocks
- improved behavior of returning splash-screen

- nonworking delete-markup shortcut repaired
- fixes an issue when importing files, which resulted in empty strings
- resolves an issue when changing font-, backgroundcolors in preferences using the color-slide-selector which can result in MarkMyWords crashing
- resolves an issue with markup-shortcuts, when two or more documents with different markup-languages are open
- issue removing markup from selection context-action resolved
- resolves an issue which could lead to crashing MarkMyWords related to headlines at the beginning of a document
- resolves an issue which prevented inserting tabs at the beginning of a document

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  • Versão: 1.9.0
  • Tamanho: 4.8 MB
  • Idiomas: Alemão, Inglês
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Compatibilidade: OS X 10.6.8 ou superior, processador de 64 bits

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