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*** Support IK Multimedia iRing product. *1 (The world's first 3rd party software!!!) *This feature is iPad only ***

*** S1MIDITrigger is rated "Killer app" by Apps4 iDevices ( ***

S1MidiTrigger turns your iPad or iPhone into a customizable touchscreen MIDI controller that can replace hardware devices costing hundreds of dollars. Connect wirelessly to audio workstation applications on the PC or Mac, or use Line 6's MIDI Mobilizer hardware add-on!

You can use the built-in controller screens or design your own, with touch pads (for drums and other instruments), sliders, X-Y pads and more. (Note: This requires a MIDI application -- it does not play music by itself.)

S1MidiTriggger is compatible with the open-source DSMidiWifi server, but for even faster response you can download our free S1 server software for PC or OS X. (A fast wifi connection is recommended.)

Don't worry if you don't have the best musical skills! With S1MidiTrigger, it's very easy to just tap some pads to play simple notes or even complete chords.

Watch a demo of version 3.2 on YouTube:

Let's play music!!

See the S1MidiTrigger home page for more information or to download our custom server software:

Or download the DSMI server software from .

- Send MIDI note messages with either simple notes or chords.

- Multiple notes per pad -- no limits!

- Send MIDI note with velocity.

- Sliders send MIDI CC (controller) messages.

- Switch multiple banks

- Save unlimited banks


Versão V4.2.0

[ Additional features ]

1. Support IK Multimedia iRing product. *1 (The world's first 3rd party software)
You can control any midi controls by motion gestures.
*This feature is iPad only.

2. Grouping function of each control added
You can link the operation to other grouped controls.

3. Interpolate value function to the slider control added
You can easy to operate fadein and fadeout.

4. Live mode added
You can prevent to swith incorrect screen (like patch editor view) when you perform on the live stage.

5. Invert slider value function added
Previous version, the slider control only can be increase value down to up only.
This version, you can invert slider movement and increase value from up to down.

*1 Please purchase IK Multimedia iRing product and activate with following steps.
1. Open Setting View
2. Tap 'iRing Setting'
3. Select 'Use iRing' switch to On
4. Activate it with iRing serial No.

Please check iRing site

[ Breaking changes ]
1. Changed application support iOS version from 5 to 6.
The iPad1 supports has been dropped. I am sorry to inconvenient.

2. Dropped support for Line6 MIDI Mobilizer1
Dropped Line6 MIDI Mobilizer1 (Non compatible CoreMIDI Version) support for improve performance because Line6 MIDI Mobilizer1 SDK supported old architecture only.
I am sorry to use this device, please shift another CoreMIDI compatible device.

[ Improvment ]
1. Improved slider performance
2. Improved switch view performance
3. Fixed crush when tap S1 MIDI Wifi Server settings
4. Fixed crush when setup PDF control
5. Fixed some stability issues

Avaliações e opiniões

This app is a real MIDI controller


Endless possibilities and totally customizable. Muito bom! Vale a pena! Muy bueno! God bless you in Jesus Christ!


Shuichi Miura
13.4 MB
Requer o iOS 6.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Chinês simplificado, Inglês, Italiano, Japonês
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Classificação +4
© Miura Acoustic
R$ 9,90

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