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تطبيق ساعدني
يقدم عدد من الخدمات بسهولة ويسر وبدون تسجيل دخول.. والتواصل يتم بشكل سريع في مدينة بريدة.

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In this application we are in the use of technology in order to shorten the time, and customer convenience, and there are a lot of services that we are in need but do not have the time to find the provider of this service or find it difficult to communicate with service providers so we designed Sa3idny App , which offers seven services to customers, one of the most important services needed by customers in most of their time, namely:
- houses repair
- Real estate office
- Delivery
- Transfer and relocation
- Transport vehicles
- Drivers Specials
- Educational services

Sa3idny App helps in providing all providers of these services easily and it connect between the service provider and the customer , and featured in this application is the ease of raising request and direct communication by the system administrator, and we expect that this unique application is because of the ease and work without registration and execution of the request by just one step as well as it free , of another side submit an Sa3idny App help those wishing to offer their services and registration as service providers.

There are several of the sub-services that benefits the customer after they use Sa3idny App.

The implementation of Sa3idny App in three simple steps:
- First step: the customer add a request, and automatically the request send to administrator.
- Second step: the administrator communicate with the best and the nearest service provider after explaining to him the details of the request.
- Third step : service provider in front of the customer's home for the service.

Sa3idny App allows to administrator to review all requests and change the state after the execution, as well as delete incorrect requests and also share these requests with service providers.

With Sa3idny App, the customer does not need to wait or loss of time just add his request in less than 7 seconds.

To connect with Sa3idny App :
Our website:
Twitter : @sa3idny
Instagram : @sa3idny
Or you can question us via email:


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27.2 MB
Estilo de vida
Requer o iOS 9.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Inglês, Árabe
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Classificação +4
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