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Timebox Photo Galleries is a 3D/AR gallery and story maker app. Create engaging 3D group galleries to privately share and combine your photos and stories with those from other people.

TO GET STARTED, Timebox requests permission to access your photos so you can make stunning, sharable galleries for yourself and your friends.

The powerful TIMEBOX ENGINE automatically creates long-lasting daily Photo Stories from the 1000s of photos, videos and Live Photos in your iOS Photo Library. Easily discover and re-discover your favorites on addicting TIMELINES, MAPS and ACTIVE PHOTO FRAMES.

Timebox uses only iCloud so there are no extra accounts, passwords, subscriptions or ads. None of your Timebox data is ever retained by or visible to our company, Pepper Networks, LLC. All of your data is only on your own devices or in your iCloud account.

PERSONALIZE your galleries: choose your gallery building, add additional rooms, windows, colors and hundreds of reusable 3D models, including some animated models.

◆ Change the exterior building style, roof color and wall color.
◆ Add to the exterior:
◆ Landscaping
◆ Landmarks
◆ Vehicles
◆ Your own 3D (USDZ) models!

◆ Change the interior wall color, floor material and lighting.
◆ Add to the interior:
◆ Furnishings
◆ Active Photo Frames
◆ Animals
◆ Landmarks
◆ Sports equipment
◆ Musical instruments
◆ Vehicles
◆ Your own 3D (USDZ) models!

ADD Photo Stories from a trip, party or event to the Timelines and Active Photo Frames in your custom galleries. Invite the friends who were there to explore and “walk around” your 3D scenes using normal iOS gestures. They can add their Photo Stories to yours to make the ultimate group story.

GROUP GALLERIES are perfect for sharing and combining all the Photo Stories of the things you do with other people:
◆ Family history
◆ Travel
◆ Parties
◆ Team activities
◆ Memorials
◆ Group projects
◆ Amusing photos of everyday life

ACTIVE PHOTO FRAMES are a powerful new way to play as slideshows your favorite Photo Stories anywhere in your galleries. Choose from multiple frame shapes, finishes and colors including televisions and easels.

AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) is an entertaining way to further explore your galleries. Just tap the AR button, hold up your device and walk around.

Timebox Photo Galleries is what sharing photo prints used to be like but more fun and less expensive! Also better than other options because your photos and the ones from your friends will always be available in your Timebox galleries.

◆ Automatically synchronizes your Timebox galleries across all your iOS devices.
◆ Long-lasting iCloud storage for privacy and security.
◆ Designed for both online and offline use.
◆ Timebox does not make additional copies or use additional storage space on your device or iCloud for the photos and videos in your Personal Library gallery.
◆ Timebox does make copies of photos and videos in group galleries. This is required by iOS and iCloud to make those photos and videos visible to other people.
◆ No uploading (except when adding to a group gallery).
◆ If anything would happen our company Pepper Networks LLC, you would have all your data safely stored on your devices or in your iCloud. We do not have any of your data anywhere.

◆ Photo captioning
◆ Make and share PDF ebooks
◆ Group gallery templates
◆ Make stitched together sharable movies
◆ Unlimited Active Photo Frames
◆ Unlimited Grid and Map Timelines
◆ Timebox is a free app and offers reusable 3D models for free and as In-App Purchase.

Timebox Photo Galleries requires:
◆ iPhone 6S, 7, 7S, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, XR
◆ iPad Pro, iPad since 2017, Air, Mini 2019
If your iOS device is not listed, you’ll still be able to enjoy Timebox in 2D.

TIMEBOX® is a registered trademark in the US of Pepper Networks, LLC.

If you enjoy using Timebox, please leave a review. It really helps! Thanks!


Versão 6.1

Our last update was huge and now we're adding more 3D models, features and refinements.

* New 3D models, including Animals: animated Giraffe, Labrador Retriever, Rooster and T-Rex, Landscaping: Giant Sequoia tree and Wooden Fence.
* New 3D gallery building style models: Brick Low Rise and Wood Cabin, plus new wood flooring material.
* Timelines (Grid and Map) are now active and automatically update.
* Selecting a photo frame and tapping “+” button now lets you add stories to a gallery and to the frame in one step.
* People button now available on the exterior scene of gallery buildings.
* Tapping the People button to invite people now adds a screen shot of the current scene to the clipboard. Paste it into your invitation to give the recipient a preview of your gallery. When they click on the link:
* If Timebox has not been installed they’ll get a link for it on the App Store.
* If Timebox has been installed they’ll go straight to the shared gallery.
* New Screen Recording feature on the Timebox logo button lets you easily make, edit and share a screen recording while in Timebox.

* Fixes and improvements, including:
* Notifications now correctly honor Settings disabling.
* User names are correctly set in shared stories that you create.
* AR mode now correctly handles no camera access permission.
* Outdoor scenes are framed better on the iPhone.
* Improved progress indicator when adding stories to a gallery.
* Lighting improvements, particularly on the newest iPhones and iPads.
* USDZ model sizing improvements.
* Lots of performance and memory usage improvements.
* Miscellaneous crash bugs fixed.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned. There’s more to come.

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Requer o iOS 12.1 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


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