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UniFi is an app used for configuring and managing your UniFi controllers and devices.


The app is perfect for when you need to access your controller remotely. Most features that the web controller provides are present in the app.

You can view the dashboard, devices, clients, statistics, insights, alerts, events and more; view detailed information about devices and clients. You can also configure or upgrade your devices, block clients etc. from almost anywhere in the world.

Please make sure your controller is on version 5. It is possible to connect with the app to controllers with older versions, but some features may not work properly.

How to - configure a new controller on a Cloud Key:
1. Make sure your Cloud Key is on and in factory default state (solid white LED).
2. Go to "Controllers".
3. Make sure your Cloud Key supports Bluetooth. If not, your iOS device and the Cloud Key must be on the same L2 network. If this is a problem (e.g. if you don't have a Wi-Fi network yet), and have a UAP, you can access the Cloud Key by scanning the UAP's QR code. Tap on the "Connect to AP" button in "Devices", then follow the on-screen instructions in the wizard.
4. Tap on the "+" button. The Cloud Key should automatically be discovered.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions in the wizard.

How to – access your cloud controllers (from using Cloud Access:
1. Make sure your device has access to the Internet.
2. Go to "Account" and tap on "Log in".
3. Enter your credentials and tap on "Log in".
4. Go to "Controllers".
5. Your cloud controllers should be automatically displayed in the list.


This is an alternative method for configuring UniFi APs. The app is designed for anyone who wants to control their UAPs right away without configuring a controller.

- APs need to be physically connected to a network that provides DHCP.

How to:
1. Make sure the UAP is on and in factory default state (solid white LED).
2. Go to "Devices".
2. Make sure your iOS device and the UAP are on the same L2 network. If this is a problem (e.g. if you don't have a Wi-Fi network yet), you can access the UAP by scanning its QR code. Tap on the "Connect to AP" button and follow the on-screen instructions in the wizard.
3. The UAP should automatically show up in the "Devices" list.
4. Tap on your device in the list, then on "Configure" in the top right, and configure your device.

If you encounter any problems, please check out our knowledge base at, or contact support at or from the in-app chat.

Thanks to Icons8 ( for providing some of the icons in the app.


Versão 3.7

TL;DR: Backup/restore, support for new cloud access.


• Added support for new cloud access (controller >=5.9.9).

• Added list of automatic backup files to Settings > Auto Backup, with the ability to download/restore. Automatic backup settings will be available in a future release.

• Added ability to restore from custom file in Settings > Maintenance.


• Added new list display options for devices (number of connected clients) and clients (MAC address, user group).

• Made some "root" screens use large titles in navigation bar.

• Improved appearance of unread alerts.

• Appearance update to site list.

• Improved Cloud Key launch images.

• App should now try to update data immediately after returning from background.

• Improved some error messages and handling.

• Added support for some new models.

• Updated DPI category and subcategory descriptions.

• Updated translations.

• Removed push notification settings for old cloud controllers (as they stopped working anyway). Current plan is to support push notifications only on new cloud controllers in the near future.


• When "Button Shapes" were enabled in iOS Settings > General > Accessibility, navigation bar buttons couldn't be seen properly. Those buttons now use system-default font as a workaround.

• Fixed an issue when deleting text from new text fields.

• Fixed issues with incorrect list of users in Insights > Remote User VPN.

• Network should now be correctly preselected when adding a client with fixed IP.

We value your feedback! If you have an idea how to improve the app, feel free to contact us at

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4.7 de 5

71 avaliações

71 avaliações



Excelente software. Gostei da interface e da interação com o usuário. Mais fácil que a webpage.


Depois de acostumar com a interface, substitui completamente o browser. SIM, você configura vlan, configura vários SSID, tudo pelo app. Só tem que aprender a usar. Muito útil em campo!





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