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Conheça novas pessoas e encontre o seu amor!

If you are really passionate about meeting new people all the time, then WannaMeet X dating app is what you need. WannaMeet X app brings so much excitement to the whole process of finding a date, meeting new friends or just meeting and socializing with the people you have around you. So much has changed in the world and online dating seems to be the in thing now; and so this app is a very convenient way for you meet some nice without the usual fear of face to face rejection. There are so many features in this app that would leave you stunned and we shall examine some of them.

This app enables you to send request to people you find attractive and wish to hook up with. In turn, you can also get similar requests from people who also wish to meet you. This makes finding a partner more fun and easier than ever before. This feature enables even the shy ones to have a good shot at meeting some they like. So even if you think that people might not send you requests, you can take the lead by doing so; and hopefully you will find someone who is willing to love and cherish you.

In addition, the WannaMeet X dating app also lets you to share your location with the people you meet online. This means that you can easily tell your friends about places you visit; the trips you make or just enable you to know how close they are to you; or know when they are around you. It is also useful in knowing how sincere the people you meet are with their location; and this can surely help you to avoid potential online predators that may be using the app. In addition your location information is also used by the app to enable people who are nearby find you easily.

Even if you are gay, lesbian or bisexual, this app would also work great for you. The profile information you enter in the app would show your sexuality. This feature would make it easier for other people who are like you and would love to meet you, to find you. The WannaMeet X app saves you from possible embarrassment of approaching people who are straight physically. Using this app would also help to boost your confidence about finding a date regardless of your sexual orientation.

The most innovative feature of this app is the \"invisible mode\". In this mode, you are hidden from other users. By so doing, if you visit someone`s profile in order to find out about them, the person would not see it. This feature enables you to scrutinize other people without them being alerted to that. This greatly improves your privacy and can also help you being noticed by people that you would not have loved to meet. It also helps preserve your self-respect by not appearing invasive.
In addition the app is free to download and install. Surely that sounds great. There is nothing better than having an app that helps you find love and interact with other people just for free. WannaMeet X is especially made for people who are 18 years and above and this would help you not to hook up with minors unknowingly.

In conclusion, the WannaMeet X dating app also enables you to delete or block anyone one you don't want to communicate with again. This could be as a result of offensive messages or the fact that the person is trying to take advantage of you. Whatever is the reason; this app ensures that you can always protect yourself while having all the fun you wish. It is true that we all love to connect. We want to love people. We want people to love us and this is what the WannaMeet X dating app is all about. It lets you find love; meet great people around that you would never have met; lets you say in touch with them and share great moments. In fact this app is made for your happiness.

– The app includes contest Photo Of The Day. Official rules are:
Every day users leave likes for profile photos. Only the day's likes participate in the contest.
1 place – 100 coins
2 place – 60 coins
3 place – 40 coins

– Apple is not a sponsor of the contest


Versão 1.5.1

Trabalhamos arduamente para garantir que a utilização da nossa aplicação lhe deixe uma impressão fantástica, altamente positiva. A nossa equipa tem por objetivo fazer com que a procura de uma alma gémea seja simples e eficaz.

Bug fixes.


33.4 MB
Estilo de vida
Requer o iOS 8.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Português, Alemão, Bokmål, norueguês, Catalão, Checo, Chinês simplificado, Chinês tradicional, Coreano, Crota, Dinamarquês, Espanhol, Finlandês, Francês, Grego, Hebraico, Holandês, Húngaro, Indonésio, Inglês, Italiano, Japonês, Malaio, Norueguês Nynorsk, Polonês, Russo, Sueco, Tailandês, Turco, Ucraniano, Vietnamita, Árabe
Classificação indicativa
Você deve ter no mínimo 17 anos para baixar este aplicativo.
Temas adultos/sugestivos frequentes/intensos
Conteúdo sexual e nudez infrequente/moderado
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