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"...I would definitely recommend this app not only for learning basic sight words, but for all the cognitive lessons too...", Jo Booth, Appymall

" perfect for my four-year-old who is learning about rhyming families in the English language. Because the words included in this app are relatively simple, my two-year-old can also play with the word building game...", Geeks With Juniors

"...Love the color cue concept. I found this to be very helpful and I'm sure will help my son to associated letters better to words. :) Also like that when you figure out the word it gives you other rhyming words. :)...", Jennifer Maples, Appymall

"An app designed to encourage the listening of sounds and depicting a word form using color cues. You need to drag the letter/sounds to the correct place in the work shown at the top of each page.",

" very interesting for those who are learning English, to repeat the alphabet and learn new words...", La Sauterelle Tactile, Belgium

Introduce the alphabet, simple words and rhymes to your little ones.

***Made for children***
- Using color cues kids will learn the sounds of the alphabet, how to form simple words and discover rhymes
- Contains several layers of visual and sound association
- Suitable for any age group

***Made for Parents/Educators***
- Covers all the 44 sounds of the English Language and the entire alphabet
- Features 96 words and the corresponding pronunciation
- Words introduced in a logical sound order: short vowels, long vowels, r-controlled vowels, digraphs, diphthongs and other special sounds
- Contains a quick reference guide for access to a particular word or sound

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Fernando Pires
18.5 MB
Requer o iOS 5.1 ou posterior. Compatível com iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
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