9 Songs, 54 Minutes


About Nataraj XT

Goa trance trio Nataraj XT has its roots in the traditional Indian sound of Nataraj, a duo composed of sarod player Richard "Rishi" Bernet and sitar player Pierre Moitram. When the pair of traditional musicians met techno artist Kapi in 1999, they took him into the band's ranks, changed the group's name, and fused traditional and modern sounds.

Bernet took up the sarod during his student days in California during the early '70s. His time spent at the Ali Akbar Khan Music College inspired him to take a trip to India. Later settling in France, he joined the band Origine. He went on to join the group Lal Ganesh in 1996. The following year he recorded and toured with Massilia Sounds System. Two years later he played with Night in Soho.

Moitram became a student of the sitar under a devotee of Ravi Shankar, Pramod Kumar. He remained in Paris with Kumar from 1972 through 1975. He continued his studies under Debu Chaudhuri at New Deli University from 1975 through 1980.

Kapi is a self-taught drummer, bassist, and guitarist, although in 1979 he did take formal piano instruction. In 1990 he co-founded the group Aproche with Coup D'Etat's guitar player. Five years later he moved on to Venus Anadyomene. For several years he toured as the group's drummer. ~ Linda Seida