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40 Ratings



Wow! just wow! this 3 are fantastic!
That's why I said any of this 3 deserves to win. Though I'm still rooting for Jessica. Many people seems not aware that she's not only battling Joshua and Philip for the AI crown she's also battling a sore throat, Yet! She delivered her number with grace and convictions, a little affected by it, but, she rendered her number magnificently.
She never complained about having a throat problem as she doesn't want people to think that she's just asking for a leeway if she failed performing the songs selected, or just making an excuse. But now after listening to her recorded songs here in i-tune, you would understand why I'm still rooting for her. Though, I have a feeling that it's the two guys who will be battling for the title next week. But, it's alright, I also have a feeling that Jessica's career would zoom because of her extreme talent and would not only be able to buy her own car, but also other luxury things she wishes for herself and her family, she (Jessica) not only will cater to just certain group of people, but people of all ages and race eventually.

Her voice is ethereal and a real gem.

Jessica Sanchez' My All


Bought this whole album just to have Jessica Sanchez' version of My All. Exquisite, haunting, beautiful vocals!!!

Phillip is my favourite

Lady Joanne,

Always goes his own way! Stay stubborn, it's the only way to survive the biz. Phillip is the winner no matter
who gets the votes.

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