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About Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella and her younger sister Maisy Stella's joint journey to a musical career is full of Movie of the Week plot points and twists. The sisters are the daughters of Marylynne Stella and Brad Stella, who, as the Stellas, performed as a duo based out of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, coming close to the sun and a commercial career when they appeared on the second season of CMT's short-lived Can You Duet television series in 2009. The husband-and-wife team finished fourth, good enough to draw the attention of EMI Music Canada, which issued the self-titled The Stellas album in 2011. Veronica Bozza was a producer on the show, and struck by the couple's daughters, and particularly Maisy's natural flair for acting, she passed their names on to a casting director. Lennon and Maisy's young careers could have begun there, but tragedy struck. Bozza was murdered and it wasn't until two years later, when Marylynne was attending the trial of the men accused of killing Bozza, that a friend asked for permission to pass on Maisy's name to the casting director for a new television series called Nashville. The casting director turned out to be the same one Bozza had contacted two years earlier, and Maisy was called in to read. Since Lennon had helped Maisy rehearse her lines, she knew them, too, and both sisters were eventually hired to play the daughters of the Rayna James character, played in the show by Connie Britton. But there were problems. The girls were from Canada and didn't have work visas, and when petitioned, immigration officials demanded that Marylynne prove that the girls were legitimate singers and actors. Marylynne put up a YouTube page for the girls and included a hastily done video of Lennon and Maisy singing Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend." Amazingly, the video went viral, gathering some two million views in a couple of days, which in turn landed the sisters on Good Morning America, pretty much taking care of the legitimacy problem. A single from the TV series, "Telescope," featuring the sisters, was released after the third episode of Nashville aired in the fall of 2012. ~ Steve Leggett