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Great album. Probably one of my favourite... well, ever. Every song brings something a little different than the last, which keeps you interested. The person that thought all the songs were the same is probably eight. Devin on my Shoulder: 5/5. The way the song is put together is pretty cool, and it's one of the songs on the album that sounds like the old BT. Rusted from the Rain: 5/5. Sure, it's a bit slower than the usual songs, but it's a great song. Nobody can disagree. Saint Veronika: 5/5. The guitar is really unique. And it switches frequencies as the song goes on. Tears Into Wine: 4/5. Pretty good, my favourite part is his screaming during the bridge. The only part that really made the song stand out, though. White Sparrows: 5/5. The slowest on the album, but it gets faster paced during the chorus. I like the lyrics too. Pocketful of Dreams: 3/5. Worst song on the album. But the album was amazing, so that makes up for it. ;) The Dead Can't Testify: 4/5. A new concept on their music, unlike any other song. But it gets a little boring at times. Diamond on a Landmine: 5/5. A lot of my friends laughed at this song, but I really enjoy it. It's upbeat. Turn Your Back: 5/5. One of the best songs on the album.The guitar sounds harder, and well... I don't really like antiflag all that much. :P Better than the single. Good job. Sudden Movements: 4/5. Alright. Not the worst. But again, a little boring. Definition of Destiny: 5/5. Instrumentally, pretty good. Lyrically, also pretty good. The lyrics are probably my favourite part of the song. Bloody Nails + Broken Hearts. 5/5. I'm not too crazy about it though. I really like the guitar riff, though. All in all, sick album. Nice work, BT.

On the right Track


This is a step in teh right direction, this band knows where they want be and they go there. But unlike a lot of bands out there, you can still hear where they came form while reinventing their sound and options on the world around them. Billy Talent will never have turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world around them, rather they will open your eyes to what other chose to ignore. the music is bold loud and in your face. All this without giving up harmony, strong-powerful lyrics and great rhythm. I loved the first single, but now having heard the album as a whole, this band knows how to lay out an album. Not enough bands out there care to produce an album worth listening to as a whole, but I can't listen to a Billy Talent without starting at the first track and not stopping till the end. This is why I love my ipod, start on the first album and not go till the end of Billy Talent III. I have to be bed ridden for the next two weeks and this album will make the pain I'm about to go through worth it.

About Billy Talent

Canadian punk revival quartet Billy Talent formed in 1999 while the members of the Streetsville, Ontario band were still in high school. Originally known as Pezz, the quartet -- vocalist Ben Kowalewicz, guitarist Ian D'Sa, bassist Jon Gallant, and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk -- had adopted a new moniker and were making their way in Toronto with the self-released Watoosh! LP under their belt. The Try Honesty EP followed in 2001; it led to strong local buzz, exposure supporting larger touring acts, and an eventual demo deal with EMI. The band entered the studio in early 2003 with producer Gavin Brown and emerged with its eponymous debut in July, which was slated for a September release on Atlantic. The group got the word out during that summer with a slot on Lollapalooza and a series of dates with the Buzzcocks.

Before they knew it, Billy Talent had not only garnered an impressive following, but also a slew of Juno (Best New Group, Group of the Year, and Album of the Year) and MuchMusic (Best Video, Best Rock Video) awards to their name. The band hit the studio in February 2005 to begin work on its sophomore offering. Submitting to fan requests, the group re-released Pezz's Watoosh! that September before the highly anticipated and explosive II appeared in June 2006. A handful of festivals and U.K. dates were played prior to spending the rest of the summer on the Warped Tour, and in 2007, they preserved a live performance in Düsseldorf, Germany on CD and DVD with 666 Live. Two years later, the band released its third studio album, the aptly titled Billy III. The album found the quartet incorporating some classic hard rock sounds into its punk approach.

In 2012, they released the album Dead Silence. Although it still retained the band's punk urgency, Billy Talent hailed the recording as a kind of conceptual break from their previous trilogy of albums, and several of its singles -- like "Viking Death March" -- were rewarded with Juno nominations. Following the release of the 2014 Hits anthology -- which featured a pair of new songs -- the band regrouped and began to prepare material for its fifth studio album. Just prior to entering the studio, drummer Aaron Solowoniuk made the difficult decision to sit out the recording sessions while he continued his longstanding battle with multiple sclerosis. Fellow Canadian Jordan Hastings (Alexisonfire) was quickly recruited to play as Solowoniuk's studio stand-in, and in early 2016 the group completed work on Afraid of Heights, which was released that July. ~ Johnny Loftus

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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