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thesilentgate ,

Mellow tracks, rich soundscape

I became acquainted with Hamauzu's music through his work on the Final Fantasy series. After previewing some of Black Ocean on his website I decided to purchase the album. It's a curious CD, and probably not something I would normally pick up, but Hamauzu is a compelling composer and his instrumentation and arranging is delightful. The tracks Black Ocean and Imeruat are easily the highlights of the album with many others being worthy of note.
Some people might be put off by the singer's not-so-perfect English diction, but I have chosen to listen to her voice as another instrument in the ensemble instead of as a voice specifically--and she really fits in.
Black Ocean doesn't have the same Wow factor for me that FFXIII's soundtrack does, but stylistically and sonically they're incomparable. The overall feeling is quite easygoing. If you decide to pick this one up, enjoy the ride, and definitely put on your headphones to hear everything that's going on.

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