12 Songs, 44 Minutes


About Treasa Levasseur

A literal melting pot of roots styles, singer and songwriter Treasa Levasseur has played almost any style imaginable during her performing career, from folk, blues and country to sunshine pop, heavy metal and hip-hop, and she is a multi-instrumentalist as well, playing piano, accordion, guitar and mandolin. Born in Winnipeg, Levasseur was raised in North Bay but moved to Toronto where she quickly established herself on the local music scene. She found herself an in-demand musician and versatile session vocalist, working with such varied acts as the Robber Who Robbed the Town, Rhymestone, Pan Con Queso, House of Velvet, and Lab Cap and the Monkey Mob, among others. Under the alias Slim, she released an EP, Me and the Boys, in 2002. She went with her own name for the self-released Not a Straight Line, which appeared in Canada in 2006. She followed it with Low Fidelity in 2008 (the album was released in the U.S. two years later in 2010). ~ Steve Leggett