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Drummer Mike Kennedy spent the latter half of the '90s performing with well-known Philadelphia bands such as Lefty's Deceiver and Mesmer. In early 2000, he started his own solo project under the Audible moniker. Musician Mary Garito joined Audible just in time for the band's first live show, which was an opening slot for Bright Eyes. Guitarist Jim Kehoe was added to the group in 2001; however, tour dates with matt pond PA would take him and Kennedy away for the next two years. Audible was put on the back burner until 2003 when Lefty's Deceiver bass player Kris Muller was added to the lineup. Over the next year, Audible honed its sophisticated indie rock style. A split EP with Adam Arcuragi, Opening Acts and Great Surprises, was independently released in early 2004. Drummer Steve Cawley joined Audible just in time for the recording with the Swivel Chairs, Sidetrack Stars, which followed in July. Audible's full-length debut, Sky Signal, arrived on Polyvinyl in January 2005. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

    Philadelphia, PA

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