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About Brats

Brats was a short-lived Copenhagen, Denmark punk rock band whose greatest claim to fame may actually be the subsequent exploits of its membership. These were singer Franz De Zaster (a.k.a. Michael Gorm), guitarist Hank de Wank (a.k.a Rene Krolmark), bassist Mickey Rat (a.k.a. Michael Hillerup) and drummer Eddie Haircut (a.k.a. Milan Balsgaard), who first started playing together in 1978, and contributed three tracks to the important Danish compilation Paere Punk the following year. But the band's guitarist was already drifting towards a hard rock direction and, after firing all his cohorts, snatched lead guitarist Michael Denner and bassist Jens Arnsted from local band Jezebel, and drummer Lars Nybo, recently of Suck, to help pursue it full steam. Their timing couldn't have been better, and the new, heavy rock-friendly Brats were soon signed to CBS for a one album deal which resulted in the following year's 1980 L.P. Poor sales soon got them booted from the label, but, de Wank (now going by the stage-name of Hank Sherman) and his band were moving on yet again. After a little more tweaking with their sound and line-up, and the catalyzing arrival of new singer Kim Bendix Petersen (soon to become famous to the heavy metal world as King Diamond), Brats was transformed into gothic metal legends Mercyful Fate, whose story is better told elsewhere. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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