11 Songs, 41 Minutes


About Crossley Hunter

Hailing from Southern Ontario, the band Crossley Hunter embraced both '90s-style alternative rock and the melodicism of '60s and '70s Canadian pop. Formed in Springfield, Ontario in early 2010, the group took its name from a road that ran through a small town one of the members once called home. It wasn't until after the fact that the group learned Crossley Hunter Road was named for a pair of traveling evangelists well known for preaching against drinking, smoking, and dancing. Crossley Hunter's lead singer and guitarist, Justin Hammond, had previously been a member of the groups Something Fatal and A Walk with Anastasia, and founding guitarist Delbert Schott worked with Elias the Band. The group's original lineup was rounded out by three siblings -- Michelle Meesters on keyboards and vocals, Joey Meesters on bass, and Jason Meesters on drums.

In 2012, after establishing a strong local following, Crossley Hunter struck a deal with the independent label Blacktop Records, which released a self-titled EP that year. The group soon began work on an album, with John Wozniak of Marcy Playground producing. By the time the sessions for the album were finished, Stephen Bonnett had taken over as lead guitarist, and Alex Bruce was the band's new bassist. While the band continued to work steadily as a live act, production on the album moved slowly, and it wasn't until the summer of 2015 that the set, simply titled Crossley Hunter, was finally released. The group continued to tour steadily in support of the album, though Alex Bruce would soon leave the lineup. While Brett Wolfe took over for him for a spell, by the time 2015 became 2016, the group was without a full-time bassist.

Crossley Hunter continued to work hard in support of the album, releasing "Like They Used To" as a single in March 2016, but on May 13, 2016, they posted a message on their social media accounts announcing their breakup. "It is with a heavy heart we regret to inform you that Crossley Hunter is no more," the post read. "We have had a good run and would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. The time has finally come for us to say goodbye and pursue other avenues, whether it be in music, our careers or our families." ~ Mark Deming

Springfield, Ontario, Canada