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16 Ratings

Prozzak takes a whole new direction.


I've been a fan of Prozzak since the very beginning, with their release of Hot Show. Since then, I've listened to them on and off over the years, but they always had one thing going for them. Their only two albums were completely different. Their new album "Cruel, Cruel World" continues this idea by making music that fits in with today's music. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that Prozzak is a truly versatile band, seeing as whenever they release an album, it's in the current style. All of their albums have one thing in common though: Love.

Prozzak is about Simon's search for true love, and Milo helps him along the way. While they have changed their appearance and style to fit in with current stylings, the main theme of the album is love.
(Although this isn't exactly apparent in the song "When I Think of You" ;-))

I'd certainly recommend this album to anyone who liked or disliked Prozzak in the past.

amazing album

duppy doo

the best song on this album is if youre ready it has agirl voice and i think that this is a great album buy it if you love pop albums simon (john levine) and milo(jay mcollun) are canadian artists from toronto they are also on the philosepher kings i lov there music



As a Prozzak fan, I have to say this new album lives up to their two previous records. A must for anyone who missed Milo and Simon!

About Prozzak

Canada's animated pop duo Prozzäk consist of slight, saucer-eyed singer Simon and strong-but-silent guitarist Milo. Voiced by Jason Levine and James McCollum of the Philosopher Kings, Simon and Milo searched for love and understanding on their debut album, Hot Show, which featured the wry single "Sucks to Be You." ~ Heather Phares




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