12 Songs, 1 Hour 6 Minutes


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Genre-busting. Worth a listen!

Kevin Burke

An intelligent and consistent electronic release that maintains the lighter, melodic, analog brilliance of synthpop while at the same time introducing horror fantasy in the form of the darker, pounding-fury industrial elements of EBM. This is an eclectic mix of synthesized, mostly up-beat, frequently all-instrumental tracks, but haunting vocals and virtual combat imagery await on the war-themed and inevitably sad “Soul To Keep”.

Yes, sad, but more importantly, beautiful.


"Soul to Keep" reveals layers upon layers of emotive melodies that take you to a very deep place in the soul. I love it in the same way I love Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse and David Lynch. Burke has captured that weight and slowness here, leaving you with no place to go but down the rabbit hole.

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