10 Songs, 30 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
9 Ratings
9 Ratings

Writings in red


This whole album is about telling a story. I loved it. It's a great piece of work. It's meant to be listened straight through. I plan on sharing with a lot of my music friends as well as with my kids. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is cause I thought the producing could have been better. If you enjoy good music that tells a story. Buy and listen to this album. Good Job! SunDance Kid

This is fantastic

Geometric Abstraction

Fear and Trembling has an ethereal yet haunting quality to it all. There’s a progression throughout the songs, as each one melds into the other- it’s seamless, which really does add to the whole experience as a listener. The piano accents the vocals and vice versa, in a very complimentary way. Listening with headphones really is the way to go with this album. The emotion that this album conjures up is heavy, but it works with the overall theme of the piece itself. The journey that's been shown through the progression of each song does say something about the thought and amount of detail that’s been put into it. I think it definitely succeeds in being a concept album, it’s art. Buy it, it’s worth it!



Excellent work of art! This album is filled with creative melodies with both the piano as well as vocals. If you sit and listen to the album front to back, you see how every melody, every note, and every single lyric ties in to one central theme. A lot of thought, effort and originality was put into this album. I love listening to it and I will definitely be buying anything else put out by Stories In Red!

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