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About Marc-André Fortin

Québécois pop singer Marc-Andre Fortin began his musical journey at the age of six with courses in piano. Switching his focus to voice, Fortin's young life was full of musical accolades and successes. As a member of the Arc-en-Son de Jonquiere musical troop, Fortin distinguished himself as a soloist early on. In 2000 he became a soloist for the Quebec Issime, performing with Celine Dion in Bolduc and other high profile events put on by the acclaimed troop. Fortin continued to pick up steam in 2001, winning the Telethon Operation Enfant Soleil and becoming a semi-finalist at the Festival International de la Chanson de Granby. He continued to compete and win various regional festivals through 2003 and 2004, leading up to two major events in 2005, the first being obtaining his B.A. in Traditional Song. The second was his inclusion in the third edition of the TV show Star Academy. His participation in the show lead to busy national touring and the release of the Star Academy 2005 CD and DVD, both of which were certified double platinum. Fortin and his colleagues from Star Academy were awarded a Felix Award for their nationwide success. Now a nationally recognized name, Fortin had gained the credibility necessary to step out on his own as a solo artist. His solo career was initiated by a self-titled record, released in 2007 which landed a spot on Canada's Top 20. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

Quebec, Canada