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About Young and Sexy

Young and Sexy's boy-girl vocals, gentle melodies, and golden arrangements pay true homage to the Beatles while securing them a spot in the ranks of contemporary wonder popsters Call & Response, Aislers Set, Beulah, Gentle Waves, and the Clientele.

The origins of Young and Sexy lie in a chance meeting between Paul Hixon Pittman and Lucy Brain in Vancouver in 1993. They spoke briefly at a place called the Bread Garden as Brain prepared Pittman's sandwich. Minutes later, she was surprised to find him running down the street after her. Needless to say, the romantic affair didn't last long and left Pittman in sorry shape. But the experience left Pittman with plenty of material for lyrics and an obsession to create a melody as beautiful as the Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping," perhaps an impossible goal. Somewhere along the way though, Pittman realized that Lucy Brain's perfect pitch and gorgeous, winsome harmonies were necessary to bring his music to life, and the two reunited, this time as a band.

Guitarist and notorious improviser Colin McLaine played with the group for a while only to eventually go his own way. But Pittman and Brain recruited Austrian drummer Ron "Frankie" Teardrop, keyboardist Teddy Bois, and bassist and guitarist Andre Lagace to complete Young and Sexy's lineup.

The band was signed to Vancouver's Mint Records in 2001 and its dreamy, endlessly catchy debut, Stand Up for Your Mother, was released in March of the following year. ~ Charles Spano

Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana



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