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A fantastic album.


I thoroughly enjoyed this album, and it was well worth the purchase. It’s great thinking music! Many of the songs on this album conjure an image of rain dripping down the car window on a long road trip, when one looks out into the grey world passing by with a bittersweet feeling of isolation. I know I definitely enjoy this feeling, and I highly encourage listeners to imagine it sometime over the course of their enjoyment of “For Annie”.

However, my personal favourites on the album (“Labyrinth”, “Never Mine” and “Crucible") have an uplifting, almost life-affirming cadence to them. The vocal hook on entry to the chorus in “Labyrinth” is especially catchy. I also enjoy the snare drum at the beginning of “Crucible”, but that might just be the drummer in me!

Shay’s lyrics are, frankly, incredible. Though I don’t have as deep of a connection to them as she obviously does, it is easy to identify with every emotion, and every thoughtful decision made in translating them into music. They avoid cliche in a way that many other new artists, even much older ones, usually struggle to.

My only advice to Shay going forward is to experiment with her sound. As well developed as it is, it may become easy to fall into a routine, and the wonderful prerogative of music its endless variety. Break the rules a bit. Maybe even throw in some odd time signatures ;)

Incredible job, Shay. Can’t wait to hear more in the future.



So much talent for such a young artists! Very impressive for a 16 yr old!

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