8 Songs, 35 Minutes


About Pinkie

Alex Sharkey isn't new to the music industry, having been a part of power pop trio Brighter in the late '80s and early '90s. The group released several EPs but evolved into a more electronic-pop configuration. Renamed Hal, they released more EPs and garnered praise for their Election Day EP. But in 2000, Sharkey decided to go a different route. The result was Pinkie, basically a one-man band featuring Sharkey, but also with some help from former bandmate Keris Howard.The group was featured on various compilations in 2000, including Viva Mobstar and Christmas Underground. In 2001, Pinkie released My Little Experiment on Planting Seeds Records. The group has toured North America despite the fact that Sharkey is involved in Fosca, an English-based pop outfit. ~ Jason MacNeil