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C-Side is an Atlanta-based rap trio whose 2007 breakout single, "MySpace.Freak," earned them over three million plays on MySpace and got their recording career off to a fast start. Comprised of Kenny Kold (originally from Atlanta), Gator (from Chicago), and Bo-Q (from South Carolina), C-Side initially got together around 2002 and first made a name for themselves via production credits. In 2007 their MySpace-posted song "MySpace.Freak," originally intended as a joke, became a viral sensation on the massive social-networking website. Later in 2007, they signed with 17.20 Entertainment and capitalized on the song's runaway popularity by releasing the downloadable Boyfriend/Girlfriend, featuring the songs "Boyfriend/Girlfriend," "MySpace.Freak," and "$1000 Car.". In 2008 "Boyfriend/Girlfriend," featuring Keyshia Cole, became a second hit for C-Side and their first to chart. Meanwhile, the trio made plans to release their debut album later in the year. ~ Jason Birchmeier

    Atlanta, GA

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