2 Songs, 11 Minutes


About Doomsquad

Montreal-based band Doomsquad were formed in the late 2000s by three siblings, Allie, Trevor, and Jaclyn Blumas. The trio started making music together almost as a casual inside joke, playing up the brother/sister angle by making ironic Carter Family-esque folk. They self-released an EP entitled Die in this style before beginning to take the project more seriously and switching gears completely to a darker, more electronic style that leaned on both indie and goth/industrial currents. Never sticking to just one genre or style, Doomsquad dabbled in dream pop, electro, noise rock, and witch house. The Land o' the Silver Birch cassette appeared in 2011, followed by a self-titled EP and the Ovoo digital single in 2013. Their debut full-length, Kalaboogie, arrived in 2014 on Canadian label Hand Drawn Dracula. The group's 2015 EP Pageantry Suite, co-released by British label Bella Union, was significantly more uptempo and dance-influenced than their prior releases. Doomsquad's second full-length, Total Time, appeared in 2016. ~ Fred Thomas

Montreal, Canada