10 Songs, 44 Minutes


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KRyS*BLisS ,

Classic & Grammy worthy !

Wayna has outdone herself with her
brilliant, brave, boundary breaking , breath of fresh air ~ TheExpats.

As if the attention she earned after
her 2009 Grammy nomination,& kudos
from idol & icon Stevie Wonder weren't
enough, Wayna is sure to once again win Grammy attention & shake up the
whole industry this time around with
an offering that boldly defies & merges genres while still captivating & hypnotizing listeners.

Through TheExpats, Wayna seamlessly takes us inward,outward,& upward on an emotion-filled, culture-clad, refreshing musical journey.
A monumental movement of genuine, Universally appealing, truly soulful, alternative Afro-centric World music with edge, that dares you to jump out of the box & off the grid, into the inspired &
wonderful World of the unknown..
& in so doing, Wayna reminds us that
we are all welcome .

Thank you for TheExpats Wayna.

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