10 Songs, 38 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
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7 Ratings



This beautifully produced album leaves me longing for Miss Robb's future difranco-sized discography. While i feel lucky to have discovered her so early in her musical career, This album leaves me with a big appetite for more. Even so, I am confident that This first self-titled album will be one of her best, and I strongly recommend the investment. You will quickly find yourself appreciating and empathizing with her lyrically, while becoming addicted to the melodies of such tracks as 'mother stay' and 'familiar.' This artist is like a really big fish. You will be bragging to all your friends you caught her first. Any folk/country/indie music lover will fall madly in love with young Trish Robb.

Canadian Beauty


Trish Robb's debut album is one of the easiest ways to happiness. For less than ten dollars, you're half-way there. Press play, and you'll arrive.



Amazing job Trish! All your songs are so catchy and inspring. Plus, everytime I hear the music, I'm always dancing in some way or another!

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