32 Songs, 1 Hour 55 Minutes


About Angèle Arsenault

Award winning singer and songwriter Angele Arsenault was born and raised in Abrams Village, Prince Edward Island. As one of 14 children, she grew up in a home filled with love and music in equal measures, sometimes almost bursting the walls with it all. Each of the family members played an instrument or sang, or both. It is little wonder that Arsenault earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree and then followed her heart into a music career that saw her release her debut album in 1975.

By the time Arsenault was in her early teens, she could skillfully play the guitar and the piano. She was also entering major singing contest and winning more often than not. Though, it was after college was behind her, before she turned to a professional musical career. In 1975 she finished a superb debut album that was simply titled First. She had another debut the next year, her first English album, a self-titled effort that drew plenty of encouraging attention from the critics. Her live performance and recordings built a comfortable fan base to cheer her forward. All of the hard work paid off when her 1979 album Free went platinum three times. Her concerts were also selling out.

Arsenault did some touring for a few years after Free, only releasing one album throughout the whole decade of the '80s. In 1994 she came back again, with a brand new recording, Transparent, and a brand new label, Justin Time. Her music won her a number of new awards over the next few years, and all the while the albums kept coming, most in French. In 2000, as a labor of love, she finished a full-length album intended for children. The recording was quite correctly titled Love. ~ Charlotte Dillon

Abrams Village, Prince Edward Isl
October 01, 1943