12 Songs, 35 Minutes


About Tijuana Bibles

Taking their name from explicit comics that originally surfaced in the 1930s, the Tijuana Bibles formed in Toronto in 1997 to provide the soundtrack for local Super-8 filmmaker Stacey Case's project, Arriba! The Parkdale Wrestler. When the band made the leap to live venues in 1999, they created stage personas to conceal their identities. With the use of Mexican wrestling masks, the band members became: the Crippler (vocals, guitar), Blue Demon (bass, vocals), la Felina Negra (saxophone), Sonny-Boy Liston (guitar), and Buddy Lee Roth (drums, vocals). The Tijuana Bibles' music is a wild, often humorous mix of garage rock, punk, and surf. After a year of tireless self-promotion and countless live shows (which saw the band share the stage with such artists as the Sadies, Deadbolt, and El Vez), the Tijuana Bibles released their first independent CD, Apartment Wrestling, in 2000. ~ Robert Kaups