7 Songs, 24 Minutes


About Million Dollar Marxists

Five proud Canadians bringing the fast-loud sound to their hometown of Ottawa, Million Dollar Marxists were formed in late 2001 by vocalist Luke Nuclear, guitarists U. Lee Mobile and Steve Salmonella, bassist Johnny Genome, and drummer Timmy Two-Times. Laying down a frantic sound displaying the influences of the New Bomb Turks, the Humpers, and the Pagans, Million Dollar Marxists began earning a reputation as a potent live act by the time they self-released a six-song EP in 2002. Thanks to the intervention of their friend Donny Gilles, an underground comic artist who publishes under the name Dirty Donny, the EP got a hearing by the folks at Gearhead Records, who were excited enough about the band's fifth gear attack that they expanded the EP into a full-length album and released it in the fall of 2004 under the title Give It a Name. Million Dollar Marxists celebrated the release by hitting the road and playing extensive through both Canada and the United States. ~ Mark Deming