Flashnote Derby is a fun way for kids to learn and practice reading music notes.

Each race is a timed test in which the student identifies different notes in order to urge their horse on towards the finish line. Answering quickly and correctly will cause their horse to gain ground, while incorrect answers will cause it to fall behind. At the end of each race, students can review the notes they missed and see the correct answers.

Players can respond to flashcards by simply playing the note on their acoustic or MIDI instrument. They can also choose to answer by tapping letter buttons or playing a key on an on-screen piano.

The game is fully customizable to allow for any desired notes in the treble, bass, alto, or tenor clefs to be included. You can select ranges of notes, or several individual notes to focus on specific areas that need work. Notes can be shown with sharps and flats and key signatures can even be added to increase the challenge for more advanced students. The amount of time the player is given for each flashcard can be increased or decreased depending upon their age and level of experience.

Drills can start out simply, with only a handful of notes, and gradually be made more challenging until the full staff is mastered (up to five and a half ledger lines above or below the staff.) The more difficult the settings, the more points are awarded. The 'high score' is tracked so that players always have a goal to shoot for.

As a bonus, over a dozen instructional video lessons are easily accessible from right inside the app! Even children with no prior music instruction can start using Flashnote Derby right away to begin learning about the music alphabet, the staff, and how to identify different notes.

Because it can be set up so quickly, Flashnote Derby provides a perfect motivational tool for music teachers to use with students, even for just a minute or two of each lesson. Teachers have the ability to email homework assignments to their students for them to play on their own devices at home. Each player's performance is recorded so that their progress can be tracked. You can easily see which notes are most in need of review.

When students give up on their music lessons, it's usually because they find it too difficult. Learning basic skills early is key to laying the groundwork for future success. Flashnote Derby makes this process more enjoyable and helps students stay motivated in their music learning.

Sometimes it takes only a little extra effort to make the difference between success and failure. Download Flashnote Derby and get on the road to music reading mastery today!

What's New

Version 3.2

Two brand new themes are included for free in version 3.2 of Flashnote Derby.
Ecliptic Encounter turns the horse race into a space battle and should be especially appealing to slightly older students.
Pretty Pegasus swaps out the horses for It takes place high above the clouds and has gentler sound effects and soothing graphics.

For music teachers managing studios or classrooms or multiple devices, device cloning has been added which allows you to copy a set of users and preset drills to multiple devices quickly and easily.

Ratings and Reviews

Alex Papa Chan

Great app!

The app is cute! In the next version if they could play a sound of the notes then it would be great.

Scrapping in Ontario

Great app for learning lines and spaces!!!

I am a piano teacher and currently use this app with my daughter and my students too. Their note reading is improving weekly!! Easy to select which notes we're focusing on. Can also easily flip between naming notes by letter that are found on the staff to deciding where played on the keyboard. Highly recommend this app!!


The best music flash card app for students of all levels

I purchased this app for my piano group students & I end up using it all the time for my private piano students too. In the group setting, we race as a team. We sit around the iPad & the students take turns naming the notes. It is such a hit that they usually ask for it at every lesson. In a private lesson, I usually start lessons with a quick round of 10 or 20 flash cards while I open notebooks & generally get myself situated.

I love that I can select exactly the notes that I want to drill & I can even email them to my students. The students love playing games to review their notes.

The students love the reindeer background for the game. It would be great to have a Valentines one or an Easter one too (the kids would be so excited!)

One little problem I have with the app is the "you lose" message & wah, wah, wah music at the end if you don't beat the other horse. My beginners use the slowest setting (walk) but often just can't beat the other horse. Maybe "good try" instead?

So far, I find it most appealing to the under-12 crowd, though if you were to add an option of alto & tenor clefs, I'd definitely find a use for it with my intermediate & advanced theory teenagers :)

I've tried several apps but this is definitely my go-to app for note-naming flash cards. I recommend this to all my under-10 students and recommend it as a "must-have" app for any music teacher.


Luke Bartolomeo
125.3 MB
Requires iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
English, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Age Rating
Rated 4+
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