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Gurbani Anywhere - A complete Gurbani Application in the palm of your hand
Only app on the iPhone that gives you access to this much Gurbani

User Comments:
"I bought iPod just for this app. It's the best app Eva!"
"We have used this amazing app. The work which has gone in to it may guru ji bless you.. Keep the hard work up Guru rahkwala"
"The only and only one reason I spent lot of money on iPhone is GA app I love it when I want to sing a shabad I can find it within a second and enjoy it weld one guys god bless u"

Why do amazing Scholars such as Giani Pinderpal Singh and legendary Hazoori Ragi Bhai Balbir Singh use GurbaniAnywhere?

Search scriptures
- Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
- Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji
- Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaaran
- Kosh (Complete Mahan Kosh + Additional Dictionaries)

Features include
- Auto search
- Multiple search methods
- Full Gurmukhi Keyboard
- Open Shabad, Ang, Vaar or Pauri
- English translation & transliteration support
- Navigate through Shabads, Angs, Vaar or Pauri
- Random Shabad
- Open Ang
- Nitnem
- Quicklist - To known Banis in scriptures
- View Information about any Shabad, Ang, Vaar or Pauri
- Favorites
- Auto scroll
- Display customization
- Take a snapshot

- The number #1 Gurbani App on the iPhone & iTouch
- The Highest rated Sikh app on the iPhone & iTouch
- The only Gurbani app that offers access to SGGS, SDGS, BGV & Kosh
- The only Gurbani app of its kind that offers all the above for FREE

We at Gurbani Anywhere are planning further growth by adding even more features & supporting many more platforms. Please help us keep this app FREE by making a small donation.

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Version 2.5

Bug Fixes & Device Support

Notes et avis

4.3 sur 5
10 notes
10 notes
Monty Bagga

Please check accuracy of content

Can you please check page 441 paragraphs 8 and 9 in SGGS. Lines are mixed up. Please review your app for accuracy. As you know our gurus took extra care to ensure accuracy of SGGS. We can't have software uploads and coding create errors that our gurus went to lengths to correct through meticulous and tedious work. Thank you.


Great Sikhi app,

This is a great Sikhi app thanks so much for making it very much loving and enjoying it lots thanks you but for ang 861 the English meanings are not correct. Hope u can fix it


Update for iphone X

Love this app as this is the only Gurbani app with auto scroll, and I was thinking of emailing you to update this one for Iphone X and when I saw the update today morning I was happy that they already did it but its still not updated for the new phone. Please update this as it will be really easy with the high scrolling speed on the iphone X.


Gurbani Anywhere
57.7 Mo
Nécessite iOS 8.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Classé 4+
© Gurbani Anywhere 2012

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