With iCaption, creating video subtitles or captions from scratch is made easier, even without prior experience in subtitle or transcript creation. Its interface utilizes timeline-based editing with audio visualization. The subtitle formats currently supported are SubRip .srt (the most widely used soft subtitle format over the past decade) and YouTube .sbv.

What are soft subtitles? Soft subs are files stored separately from the video file. They are called soft, because they are not hard-encoded into each video frame; they are rendered in real-time as you play the video. This means that you can have multiple languages per video file, which you can switch or turn on and off during playback. The downside to soft subs is that you need a video player which supports them, but most modern video players support soft subs, including YouTube.

If you are expecting subtitles to be mixed down into the video file, or to have control over font formatting (soft subs cannot do this but video players which support them typically have global font options), then hard-subbing is your safe bet and iCaption probably isn't for you.

Features and Capabilities:

- A user interface designed to visualize audio and subtitles throughout time.
- Powerful timeline editing capabilities, with or without a reference video loaded.
- Dynamic multi-resolution waveform visualization in real-time; no audio processing/load times.
- Scrub through the reference video using the subtitle timeline markers.
- Shortcuts for adding subtitles to the timeline in real-time while the movie is playing.
- Automatically determine the subtitle duration.
- Real-time checking and visualization for overlapping subtitle times.
- Easily adjust all subtitle times by one offset value.
- Search subtitles allows you to filter the subtitle list.
- Previewing allows you to test subtitles without an external viewer.
- Create, edit, open and save YouTube (.sbv) files.
- Create, edit, open and save SubRip (.srt) files.
- Convert SubRip to YouTube format and vice versa.
- Complete abstraction from the subtitle file formats.
- Support for opening subtitle files with various types of text encoding.
- Search an online database for known translations.
- Preferences for user customization.
- Up-to-date documentation.

Note: the developer isn't notified whenever a review is written, so if you are unsatisfied, run into any issues, or just have ideas to make the app work better for you, contact the developer directly with your concern (using the Support link, or the Support menu item in the application's Help menu).

Providing your feedback directly can be more helpful in getting you what you need out of the application. The developer is always looking for constructive criticism and back-and-forth discussion in order to improve on, what he believes, an already quality product.

Of course not every feature suggestion can be met, but there are already several features in the application which were made by request from the customers.

Another reason to contact the developer directly before reviewing, is that Apple does not allow developers to respond to these reviews, so we can't help ease your frustration, which might have an easy solution.

What's New

Version 2.5.0

- Use TouchBar to scrub through the currently opened video.
- Change layout of Help file for better compatibility of the newer Mac OS Help viewer window size.

Ratings and Reviews

You get what you pay for


This app is cheap, but you get what you pay for. Buggy, poor user interface & no shortcuts … sound might randomly cut out, the waveforms may or may not show. It does what it’s supposed to, but not easily. Feel like I wish I done some research and found a better product.

Developer Response

I'm sorry you feel that way about the application, but some of the statements are simply not very accurate.

1) No shortcuts - the application has dozens and dozens of commands, nearly all of which have shortcut keys associated with them. If you look at a command in the menu bar, the associated shortcut key is shown beside the command. The Help file also has a section with a list of all the shortcuts.

2) Waveforms showing - there is a subsection on waveforms in the Help file explaining how it works. Waveforms will show for sections of the video which have been played before. This was a design choice because if we pre-loaded all of the audio from say - a two hour video, then you'd have to wait for your Mac to process two hours worth of audio in order to analyze the waveform. I've seen similar algorithms in other apps take 2 minutes just to process a 15 minute video. This would be a poor experience, and surely zero loading time is infinitely better. Besides, there is no point in writing a subtitle for a section you haven't played yet.

3) Sound - this might be a system problem or an interference with a third-party A/V library installed from outside the App Store which might hook into the system implementation. It could be the audio codec used, or a problem with the audio tracks on actual video files. The iCaption app doesn't actually playback any audio or video itself, rather uses the Mac OS's built-in A/V framework. If you made the video yourself on the Mac, it will most likely playback in iCaption as well as any other app on the Mac. If you are subtitling someone else's video, it would be hard to say what support there is for it without knowing the codecs used for demuxing.

4) Yes, the UI can suck at times, but I have been making incremental improvements over some years based on user feedback. Once you get into a workflow it can be quite productive. What specifically would you like to see it improve on?

Lastly, my apologies for the late reply; it is only until (relatively) recently that we are able to respond to reviews, and even then we don't get notified when one is created. This is why I state to always contact the developer first if you want to give constructive feedback that can go into improving the application.

Does the job, but has some glaring issues

Bryce Kirk

Preview often won't display the subtitles, or when it does they "stick", interface is a little awkward, occasionally it deletes entries. A sketchy little program currently, but it does what it's supposed to, and there's not a lot else out there unless you want to struggle through the procss with Textedit or Notepad. Definitely requires some improvements.


Jeffrey Bakker
2.5 MB
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Rated 4+
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