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Is being used in everyday academic life by hundreds of thousands of students across the globe.

Here is what our users say in App Store reviews:
“This app has changed the way I do schoolwork. Schools should encourage use of apps like this.” – codematrix

“This is one of my favorite apps, and is probably my most used one during the school year.” – KristenMouse

“Has revolutionized my school experience. Brilliant” - Squidstar1

iStudiez will change the way you lead your daily student life. Spend half an hour ONCE to input all your schedule and teachers info, and then enjoy notifications, saving your grades and tracking your progress during the whole semester.

Take note on how fast you’ll improve your GPA with iStudiez. The app will help you take control over your due homework, plan your day and even win you some free time to play.

Beautifully designed and easy to use, packed with delightful icons and nice features, helping you keep track of even the most complicated schedule, guarding the info of your teachers, grades and holidays.

Enough talk. Try and feel it yourself.

iStudiez Lite limits you to managing:
- 1 semester
- 5 courses
- 15 classes/exams per course
- 15 assignments
- 5 instructors
- 2 holiday periods

Sync, notifications and backup options are not included in iStudiez Lite.
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Version 1.9.8

New school year is here, and we are nurturing new ideas and thinking on new horizons ;)

And so far, here is what’s new and great for you right with this update:
• We changed the way class icons look;
• The overall look of the app was refreshed again (yes, we love doing that from time to time);
• A little bit of magic for you: change a class to an exam with one button;
• The app will now remember if your preference is to see Calendar minified on iPhone;
• Haptic feedback for some actions, namely when you pull down to reveal past classes or completed assignments in Today, as well as when you choose to minify Calendar (all referred to the app performance on iPhone)

Wishing you great start of your academic year, may all go well for you guys. iStudiez Team is always here and open for all questions and comments and suggestions.

Notes et avis

iStudies (add grade reports) > S'Cool Buddy > School Buddy


Please add a place to input marks (assignments, tests, exams, labs...).

I beleive iStudiez is the best platform to build upon and integrate the best features of S'Cool Buddy and SchoolBuddy.

I prefer the iStudiez calendar to the one in the S'Cool Buddy app. It doesn't have the tilt function or multi-colour calendar notifiers of iStudiez. However, S'Cool Buddy does have a place to input marks and it graphs out your grade report. This app is free and I rate it close to iStudiez.

SchoolBuddy is good because it creates a report for your grades. The SchoolBuddy calendar does not have the tilt function.

Time setter is messed up


This is my first app for organizing school work but it seems to work pretty well. The only thing is the time setter doesn't work properly for me. It says on the scrolling part I'm setting the time as 9pm but then saves at 5pm. Please fix this!!

I'm going to try that app the person below mentioned. Maybe their scroller will match the actual time it sets.

good but....


this app is really good for organizing stuff for school but you should also allow a feature that allows you to add events that are not school related too


Enfiero Incorporated
27.8 Mo
Nécessite iOS 10.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.
Classé 4+
© 2009-2018 iStudiez Team

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