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The best way to dial numbers on OS X!

Keypad, formerly Continuity Keypad, allows you to dial phone numbers on your Mac, and place the call via your iPhone utilizing the FaceTime App in Yosemite. With Keypad, you can either manually enter a number to dial, or search your contacts with just a keystroke. Additionally, Keypad has a Notification Center widget, which allows you to dial numbers from anywhere in OS X.


– Beautiful transparent design
– Dial numbers that aren't in your contacts
– Redial the last number
– Save a number to your contacts
– Search your contacts by starting to type a name (optional)
– Use letter keys to dial vanity numbers (optional)
– Dial tones (optional)


Version 1.10.5

+ Major graphical bug fixes
+ Updated Today View widget for macOS Sierra

Notes et avis

1.7 sur 5

11 notes

11 notes

Limited Functionality

Ima pedal

I bought this thinking it would replicate the functions of my iPhone keypad. Unfortunately, it does not. It does allow you to place calls by searching your contacts or by pressing the numbers on the keypad but it will not let you dial numbers while in the middle of a call, as you need to do sometimes, i.e. press 2 for billing etc. One other glitch: it does not show ‘companies’ when searching your contacts.

The authentic one.


After participating in the beta testing of this product, its wonderful to see the Devs. have this out in the App store for mac.
I was a little too excited and purchased Call pad by accident, and the developer of that one clearly did NOT put in nearly as much thought into his app, nor did he test it properly prior to release.
This product, once announced, only served to give the “other” developer a means to ride the concept on its coat tails and trick people into purchasing his instead. That logic wont get you far in life my friend.
As most innovative writers and developers at/for Apple have learned, imitation is Not always going to inspire flattery. Now that I have my official version of this concept, it is easy to see who spent the time to polish thier product, not rush it to release, and sincerely worked very very hard to make it as lovely as the rest of Yosemite in its design. After all your efforts E & H, I still bucked up a second time to get the real deal, and It is my hope that this review will assist others in not rushing to buy the early clone of this idea. It is only $1.00 but it is the principal here. If it were up to me, this app would be a permanent inclusion in a future version of Mac OS X. Huge kudos to the devs for this. Fantastic work.

Good App!!


Good App. Makes calling from the Mac MUCH easier!

Not sure why apple doesn’t include something like this..
For all the Bragging Apple did about the making and recieving phone calls from the Mac.
Apple is loosing focus on simplicity,,

Thanks for this APP!!


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