Complete Japanese study + full dictionary.


◆ Writing Trainer
View 6500+ kanji/kana stroke order animations and be guided on how to write each one. When ready, test your skills in study mode.

◆ Audio
Words spoken by a native speaker (as opposed to "not quite right" synthesised audio) covering the complete N1-N5 vocabulary (8000+ words).

◆ Dictionary
Search 700,000 entries (including names) in English, Japanese or SKIP. Examples, radicals, audio - more complete than most standalone dictionaries. Save entries and create new decks easily.

◆ Example Sentences
Includes a comprehensive example sentence database (with furigana) broken down into words which can, themselves, be searched or saved for later study.

◆ Translate
Copy/paste Japanese text and have it auto-translated into flashcards.

◆ RSS News Feed
Read today's headlines in Japanese, translated into furigana and English definitions ready for study.

◆ Decks
Complete kanji and vocabulary required for the JLPT exams (N1 to N5), school grade kanji (grades 1 to 9), kana and joyo kanji.

◆ SRS Leitner Study Method + Calendar = Awesomeness
Just set a future date and let the scheduler tell you when and what to study, everyday. Zero setup.

◆ Highly Detailed
All kanji, radicals, elements, words, compounds, similar looking kanji and examples are "tapable" linking you to something new.


◆ A beautiful, free scrolling "map" interface
◆ 6500+ kanji animations + writing trainer
◆ Complete JLTP 1-5 vocabulary and kanji decks
◆ Hiragana and Katakana decks
◆ Human audio for N1-N5 vocabulary (8000+ words)
◆ Full English-Japanese dictionary with SKIP
◆ Translate any text into furigana and English
◆ RSS Japanese news feed
◆ Details for 6355 kanji: radicals, elements, SKIP, dict codes, etc.
◆ Detailed breakdown of example sentences
◆ Similar kanji display
◆ Adjustable SRS study algorithm
◆ Scheduler
◆ Rolling progress chart
◆ iCloud background syncing
◆ All data is hyper-linked
◆ Filtering, sorting and searching
◆ Freely create your own decks
◆ Edit, delete and move cards between decks
◆ In-app import (no need for iTunes)
◆ Extensive options
◆ Rock solid, loved and looked after by a kanji geek since 2009
◆ Full and detailed help
◆ No ads, downloads or "review me" pop-ups.
◆ Awesome support. Updates every month or so.
◆ Universal app. iOS9+. Compatible with all models.

Twitter: @justininjapan
Web + user guide:

The SKIP system for ordering kanji was developed by Jack Halpern (, and is used with his permission.
KanjiVG (animations) copyright Ulrich Apel.

I'm Justin. I moved to Japan in 2002 and I'm married to my Japanese wife (lovingly called "Spellchecker"). I've taken the JLPT tests up to N1 (yes, I was there) using this app. I speak, read and write Japanese fluently and I'm an overactive developer who can't sit still.

What's New

Version 4.12

- Deck list can now be sorted: ABC, Date and Recent (hide unused decks).
- Added dialog to reset an individual sticky's stats; just tap the stats.
- Dark mode now extended to "Study" and "History" views.
- Correct/incorrect button response speed improved when studying.

- Hiragana search bug in dictionary.
- English instead of Japanese audio bug fixed for certain words.
- Half size writing area (iPad) bug during study.
- Unable to edit certain cards.
- Unable to touch lower 3 buttons when writing.
- Possible "reverse sync" resulting in lost progress.
- Fix for certain green stickies being repeatedly asked under certain conditions.
- Other minor fixes and changes.

Customer Reviews

Be a JLPT Pro!

Memory whiz

If your studying vocabulary and kanji for the Japanese language proficiency tests, to finish all the joyo kanji or to learn more words this is the best flash card app you can buy.

Don't waste your time with amateur flash cards on gFlash or other apps. This one scientifically reviews wrong answers to help you remember.

Interface is great, look is professional. Wish it could do more than just Japanese.

Awesome App but need some tweaks

P. Côté

I stumbled upon this awesome app but it need some tweaks.

For example, the landscape mode seems to have some problems especially after getting out of editing mode or when launching the app. It often go back to portrait mode and then turn back to landscape, which is a bit annoying. Also, when studying, the answer buttons are not repositioned in landscape mode so the text is written vertically. Maybe use icon instead ?

Another killer feature is to be able to create your own study board but the problem is you probably want to use the existing material, which doesn't seem possible right now. As an example, I use the excellent Japanese app on iPhone and you can create your own list of any damn thing (particles, verbs, adjectives, name it) and make your own study set out of this.

It would be awesome if you could create a custom board out of existing material because when encountering new words in life, it doesn't really fit the "academic" order and you might want to study that right away, which is downright impossible right now.

JPLT Grades are also pretty daunting if you just begun learning Japanese. It would be really good if you could start with school grades instead, like the iKanji Touch app.

The very best thing would be to have a writing practice feature to learn how to correctly draw the kanjis since it's the real way the kanjis will stay in your head.

Fix those and you will have a killer app! :)

Good job!

Useful app, but a bit buggy

Dominique Brodeur

I bought this app so I can learn Kanjis when I commute to and from work. It does the job, and I'm happy with it. The interface is nice and clean, easy to read. The colour system is pleasing to the eye and informative. As Philippe has reported, the app is buggy. It has "quit unexpectedly" a few times on my iPod Touch (4th G, 64gb), especially right after the installation. But it has become stable over time, enough to let me use it and enjoy it. That said, I now refrain from using the "Browse" function that gives an overview of all the cards of a particular section, because that will cause the app to crash. (Can you please fix that Justin?) -- In a future release, I would really like this app to be expanded to include separate chapters on "verbs", "nouns", "adjectives" and "particles", as well as a writing practice section.


Justin Nightingale
513.8 MB
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
English, French, Japanese
Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Justin Nightingale
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