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Punk rockers the Asexuals were formed in 1983 in Montreal, Canada. Guitarist Sean Friesen, bassist T.J. Collins, and drummer Paul Remington were all members of the group. A number of talented bassists served time with them off and on along the way, including Dom Pompeo, John Kastner, Blake Cheetah, and Yuri Mohacsi. In 1984, the Asexuals released a debut single and a debut album, Be What You Want, to a growing fan base that was waiting for more. The recordings received good reviews, but didn't capture the band at its very best, which happened to be on-stage before an energized audience.

Over the next few years the group toured Canada and Europe, opening for major crowd draws like PiL and D.O.A. The Asexuals also completed a number of other albums after that debut. The last, Fitzjoy, was released through the Cargo Records label in 1997. Some of band's tunes mixing hardcore attitude with pop-punk are "Time Will Tell," "Throw Me a Line," "World for the Taking," and "Language of Men." ~ Charlotte Dillon

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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