About Bob Lanois

Born in Gatineau, Canada, Bob Lanois is the older brother of singer, songwriter, and producer Daniel Lanois, and he is an innovative music producer in his own right, as well as being a harmonica player, photographer, abstract artist, and filmmaker. He also builds recording studios, including his first, which he assembled in the basement of his mother's Ancaster, Ontario, home in the early '70s. He also built and ran the famed Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario, where Brian Eno came to develop his ambient post-Roxy Music sound. As part of a duo with singer and songwriter Tom Wilson, Lanois released the critically acclaimed The Shack Recordings in 2005. A year later his first solo album appeared, Snake Road, a collection of haunting, almost dub-like harmonica instrumentals produced by his brother Daniel in Bob's cabin studio located just outside Hamilton. ~ Steve Leggett

Gatineau, Canada

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