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This psychedelic trance outfit was originally formed in the mid-90s by the guitarist Bill Halsey and Jez Van Kampen. Their first release was "Cannabanoid" for Transient Records in September 1995, after which they brought out a number of singles including "Deus", "Morphic Resonance", "Gift Of The Gods" and "Howling At The Moon". At the same time they recorded together as Laughing Buddha for TIP Records and released "Infinite Depth"/"Andromeda' in December 1995. The following year Cosmosis" debut album Cosmology (Transient) received an enthusiastic response. After the Laughing Buddha release "Karma/Earth Medecine/Megamorphosis' (TIP 1997) the pair decided to pursue individual projects, with Halsey working as Cosmosis and Van Kampen as Laughing Buddha. The second Cosmosis album, Synergy, was released on Transient in March 1998 and in the spring Halsey took part in a tour of South Africa, Australia, Japan and the USA organized by Transient and Phantasm Records. Cosmosis" music is characterized by funky, multilayered riffs and the most psychedelic, abstract noises and effects, which fade in and out and shoot around, lending a three-dimensional shape to the sound. As many psy-trance artists had moved towards a sparser sound that was less reliant on swirling effects and riffs, Synergy was not the most original trance album at the time of its release. However, the quality of production and arrangements combined with the sheer size of the tracks, overrides any bias one might have towards trends. Halsey sometimes employs guitar in his music, notably "Down At The Crossroad", and recently he has been joined in live performances by the DJ Pied Piper or the guitarist Wei.