German black metal band Drautran formed in the city of Kiel in 1996. Founders Winter, Arn, Blutaar, Doomguard, and Oluf lacked a drummer for much of the group's early existence, but in 1998 Orloc joined, and Drautran were ready to begin work on recording their brand of Norse-inspired metal. Their first demo was recorded the following year, and in 2000 was released under the title Unter dem Banner der Nordwinde (or, for those keeping up in English, Under the Banner of the North Winds). Over the next few years, Drautran underwent a handful of lineup changes, all the while honing their skills on regional stages. The roster settled -- a bit -- in 2002, they began writing and plotting what was to become their debut album. Eventually, after losing yet another member, in 2005, Drautran entered the studio to work on their project. After another year of delay, 2007 would turn out to be a good year for the German outfit, as it scored a deal with Lupus Lounge Records, which released Throne of the Depths, the band's much-anticipated debut in October of that year. In addition to getting out the debut platter, the label also had plans for a re-release of the group's first demo EP, as well as more from Drautran, as they signed a five-album deal. In the face of their newfound success, Drautran found themselves closing out the year in familiar territory, having lost their drummer. Since no one was available to pound the skins, the band went on live gig hiatus as of 2008. ~ Chris True

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