Fire Island

House producers Pete Heller and Terry Farley (aka Farley & Heller) released a few track as Fire Island that featured diva vocalists such as Loleatta Holloway. The duo derived their moniker from the well-known vacation spot on Long Island that is widely considered to be a haven for the New York City gay community, particularly those who enjoy partying. "Shout to the Top," featuring Loleatta Holloway, is the most successful Fire Island track, being one of the most popular house tracks of 1998. Other Fire Island productions include "If You Should Need a Friend," "White Powder Dreams," and "There but for the Grace of God." In addition to Holloway, who is one of the New York garage/house scene's definitive icons, Fire Island tracks also featured vocalists Mark Anthoni and Love Nelson. Big-name producers such as Frankie Knuckles and Pete Rauhofer have remixed Fire Island tracks, most of which were released by the Junior Boys Own label. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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