Harrod and Funck

Jason Harrod and Brian Funck met as students at Wheaton College in Illinois, after friends recognized a similarity in their atmospheric folk songs and introduced the two guitarists. They were "discovered" in 1991 when they opened for Brooks Williams, a highly respected figure in the Boston folk scene, at a Wheaton concert. Williams reportedly was so moved that he almost refused to play his own set, and subsequently introduced the pair to Mark Heard, who agreed to produce their first album, Dreams of the Color Blind, in 1992. Heard, a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, brought in a seasoned cast of musicians (including David Miner on standup bass and Steve Hindalong of the Choir on drums) to create a polished, ethereal acoustic folk-pop sound. Heard died shortly thereafter, and Harrod and Funck covered his "Worry Too Much" for a pair of tribute albums (Strong Hand of Love in 1994 and Orphans of God in 1995). Since 1993 Harrod and Funck have been living and playing in Boston; their self-titled second LP appeared in 1997. ~ Darryl Cater

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