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About Major Maker

Lighthearted indie rockers Major Maker bounced their way into the Canadian mainstream by way of a couple of wildly popular jingles that hit the airwaves in 2007: a summery, retro-cool track called "Rollercoaster," which aired on a Maynard's Candy TV spot, and "All I Wanna Do," which appeared on one of the Canadian cellular phone company Telus's cute animal-themed commercials. The group formed in 2006 as a collaboration between Todor Kobakov, a classically trained composer and pianist, and Lindy Vopnfjord, an established musician in his own right who'd released several solo albums prior to being in the group. Guitarist Ian LeFeuvre, drummer John Ocerbian, and bassist Thom d'Arcy were recruited soon after in order to round out the group's live sound, and Major Maker started recording material over the course of the next year. Maynard's Candy picked up the song "Rollercoaster" for an ad campaign the following summer, and it was a surprising hit; the YouTube clip of the commercial received over 50,000 hits, and the song generated enough buzz in the blogosphere that it warranted a feature article in the Toronto Sun, "The Mystery Behind Maynards." EMI Canada recognized the group's potential as a mainstream act, and the group was signed soon after the Maynard's spot came out. The Rollercoaster EP hit stores in the fall of that year. ~ Margaret Reges