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About Nicki

German singing sensation Nicki, born Doris Hrda, was discovered when she was only 16 years old by producer and songwriter Gog Seidl, and she signed her first record contract shortly after. In 1983 her debut single, with lyrics in the Bavarian dialect (a tradition she continued throughout her career), "Servus, Mach's Guat," came out, followed by the full-length Servus Nicki in 1984. Releasing nearly an album a year for the next decade, Nicki made her name known with songs like "So a Wunder," "Wegen Dir," "Mei Schönster Traum," "I Bin a Bayerisches Cowgirl," "Samstag Nacht," "Doch die Zeit Bleibt Steh'n," and "Du Bist in Meiner Macht" and records like Ganz Oder Gar Net and Immer Mehr. While the singer's work definitely fit strongly into synth-filled Europop, she and her songwriters also experimented with Motown soul, country, and calypso, among others, styles that were all found on Nicki's 2006 release, I Gib Wieder Gas, which came out after a long break from the music industry as an attempt to restart her career. ~ Marisa Brown

Plattling, Germany
Nov 2, 1966

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