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About Norine Braun

Canadian pop/rock singer and songwriter Norine Braun was born in Ottawa. She got the chance to do her first gig when she was a teen in high school. In 1993, she began to gain notice in Canada when she won the New Demo Award from Factor. Three years later, she recorded her first album, an enjoyable independent release titled Modern Anguish.

For 1999, Braun finished a sophomore offering, Miles to Go. It was followed a short year later by an album simply called Crow. "Tears of an Angel," "Love and Not Fear," "Dancing Sea," "Slipping Into Violet," "Another Man's Fate," and "Dreams" are some of the tracks featured on the recordings. Many of the tunes offer a mix of pop/rock seasoned with blues and a little folk. Braun had some talented artists help out on her albums, like sax player Tom Keenlyside, background vocalist Kathleen McGee, and guitarist and bassist James Bowers. Braun has also worked with local artists such as Roger Skinner and Bill Waldron.

When not writing new tunes or recording, Braun performs with her band, the Mood Swings. Members of the group are lead guitarist Mark McKenzie, bassist Rick Law, and drummer Rob Fourchalk. ~ Charlotte Dillon

Apr 5, 1962

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