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Dutch rock band the Cats were popular during the late '60s and early '70s, releasing a bunch of English-language hits and full-length albums during this peak period. Founded in the mid-'60s in Volendam, the Netherlands, the band was comprised of Cees Veerman (vocals, guitar; born October 6, 1943), Piet Veerman (vocals, guitar; born March 1, 1943), Jaap Schilder (guitar, piano; born January 9, 1943), Arnold Muhren (bass; born January 28, 1944), and Theo Klouwer (drums; born June 30, 1947). The Cats made their album debut in 1967 with Cats as Cats Can, and at least one new album followed each year until the swan song release The End of the Show (1980). Some of the band's most popular hits include "Times Were When" (1968), "Lea" (1968), "Why" (1969), "Scarlet Ribbons" (1969), "Marian" (1969), "Magical Mystery Morning" (1970), "Where Have I Been Wrong?" (1970), "One Way Wind" (1971), "Let's Dance" (1972), "There Has Been a Time" (1972), "Let's Go Together" (1973), "Maribaja" (1973), "Rock 'n' Roll" (1973), "Be My Day" (1974), and "Come Sunday" (1974). The popularity of the Cats declined sharply during the mid-'70s, and the band ultimately broke up in 1979. Piet Veerman subsequently embarked on a solo career, releasing the album Back to You (1980), but didn't experience solo success until 1987, when he released the eponymous album Piet Veerman and the smash hit single "Sailin' Home." Following the band's breakup in 1980, the Cats reunited from time to time, and their greatest hits were compiled time and time again on a long list of best-of collections. ~ Jason Birchmeier