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Louise Carter and her fiance Ben Jackson are very much in love. Ben works hard, so as to earn enough money to allow them to buy a house together. Currently they rent an idyllic cottage in the countryside of England, from Jill and Adrian Blake, who live next door. As Ben and Louise enjoy their new home, neither realizes that Adrian secretly desires Louise, nor do they suspect to what lengths he will go to separate them, so that he can dominate Louise and turn her into the ideal sex slave.

Adrian manages to plant evidence that he hopes will estrange Ben and Louise, whilst spying on the couple as they make love. His wicked intentions grow until he can no longer contain them. 

Adrian succeeds in ending the relationship between Ben and Louise by convincing Louise that Ben has become an alcoholic and is not paying the rent. Ben moves out, and soon takes to drinking his sorrows away.

Louise, who secretly harbors a desire to be dominated sexually, dreams of being tortured in a dungeon, and of being whipped and chained. Adrian seizes the moment, and soon Louise becomes his lover. All seems lost for Ben until Jill breaks into his alcoholic stupor, and offers him a chance not only to take his revenge on the man he now realizes has brought about his downfall, but also to win back his lover.

Jill and Ben join forces with Bunny, a young lesbian who has enjoyed a casual relationship with Jill throughout Jillís marriage. The three set out to seduce Louise through a series of sexual encounters. Jill and a disguised Ben humiliate Adrian, right after he finishes making love to Louise. Jill and Ben, who wears a mask, jointly pleasure Louise. Amazed by the potency of her mysterious masked lover and by the intensity of her newfound lesbian desires, Louise agrees to abandon her relationship with Adrian. A new, highly unconventional life begins for the young couple now far more willing to be honest about their desires.

Fiction & Literature
August 31
Double Dragon Publishing
Double Dragon Publishing