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The biggest story of her life is the one he wants to hide.


I’m homeless by choice. 

I have no intention of returning to my former life after what I’ve done. 

This—living among the filth and discarded remnants of others—is what I deserve.

As atonement for my sins, I give back; I help those who cannot help themselves. But it’s always under the guise of anonymity.

Newspaper headlines throughout the city are clamoring to discover my identity. Including the beautiful woman who manages to see through my “armor.” 

She has the capability to put my entire life at risk.

September 18
RC Boldt Publishing, LLC
RC Boldt Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Di Y Plourde ,


When I read the blurb for this story, I immediately knew I needed it now. This is a 2018, 10 star must read. I have never read anything this original in a long time. If I get to shed one tear while reading a book then it deserves all the stars in the sky. It was not tears of sorrow but ones of selfless acts by good people.

Jude is homeless by choice. He think that’s all he deserves for what happened in his life that he had no control over. So he’s trying to atone for his guilt by doing good things to the ones in need.
Faith has a secret and she needs the next big story and the bonus that comes with it. What she didn’t expect is for Jude to come in the way and make her really see him without him trying.

Hands down one of this years best written story. I love originality and this one didn’t lack any. There were some shocking surprises at every turn until the end. I was held captive from the blurb to the very last page read and even then I wanted more.

An highly addicting story of the good still lurking in people. The author wanted us to know that. Things are not always what they seem. The most beautiful love story written with passion. This hasn’t happen to me in a long time, wanting to reread a story after I’m done reading it. It will stay with me for a very long time. There was some suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat too.

A captivating story about coming together to help each other out in a time of need. These characters latched themselves to my heart, mind, body and soul. I could sit here and write all day on how AMAZING it really is. Bottomline line is if you are only going to be reading one book this year make The Good Samaritan.

Standalone told in a dual POV with an HEA. I STRONGLy recommend this story. I will be checking author titles from this author very soon.

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