Troy Elston (Elysium’s Josh Blacker) is a company man who’s made a career of creating new products for Grant Industries. After a disastrous public health scare concerning his last product, his job is now on thin ice. What’s more, he has been carrying on a secret relationship with his co-worker Sara (Rebecca Davis), who is pressuring him to reveal their romance to the office.FOCUS takes place during a single work day, and on this day Troy’s new product, a revolutionary new kitchen automation system called the “Roost” is being focus tested. If the Roost doesn't test well with ordinary consumers, the product will never go to market, killing Troy's career.Almost immediately, Troy's day begins going sideways. His diabolical co-worker, Conley (Ryan Beil), informs Troy of his intentions to usurp Troy’s position at the company. Further, Troy learns that his boss, Mr. Grant ( X-Files ""Smoking Man"" William B. Davis), has replaced the person typically in charge of running the focus groups with Grant’s incompetent son-in-law, Will (Christopher Young). It quickly becomes apparent that Will is in way over his head.Troy decides the only way to salvage his day and keep his job is to assume the identity of one of the group members and attempt to persuade them from the inside. After initially butting heads, Troy and Will realize the only way to keep their jobs is to work together, forming an unlikely bond in the process. By the end Troy is forced to re-evaluate what's important to him, what he needs to let go of, and what he's willing to fight for.

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